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Teacher's Utopia: A step towards a perfect education world!

By Gandhali Sewak | Aug 10, 2021

The Indian school education system is one of the largest and most complex education systems in the world with over 1.5 million schools, two-third of which are run by the government. According to a 2018 Annual Status of Education (ASER) report, one in four students in Class VIII cannot even read a Class II text. The quality of education in government run schools is a major problem. This crisis has worsened in the aftermath of the covid-19 pandemic.

So, what can we do?

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 says that experiential learning can be one of the key tools to improve the quality of education. Experiential learning involves students directly in the teaching-learning process by encouraging activity-based learning. While this sounds like a proven effective way to improve the quality of education, implementation is a huge challenge. Teachers are not trained efficiently and appropriate content is not available to use.

We, at Caring with Colour, have come up with a technology-based solution for this challenge and launched our mobile app named Teachopia.

While the app serves students, parents, government functionaries etc, teachers are the focal point in the design of this solution. As the name indicates, it is a utopia (an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect) for teachers.

"Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational"

-George Couros

Features of Teachopia -

  • A rich repository of experiential learning content for class 4 to 7 for English, Mathematics and Science subjects. The content is aligned to the NCERT curriculum, approved by DSERT. This content can be downloaded and used in offline mode.
  • Other educational content which can help teachers facilitate learning such as English skill-building activities, concept videos, recordings of previous training, etc.
  • A training management system where teachers can attend various training programs. With two simple clicks they can register for the assigned/chosen program and join it through the app. They can also revisit and check the recordings of the training on the app for future reference.
  • A multi-modal user support system via phone call, WhatsApp or a ticketing window for any questions or to report an issue within the app.

The Android app is available on Play Store for free download. The design and content are available in both English and Kannada. The ease of use and accessibility make Teachopia a step towards creating an educational utopia for teachers.

Teachopia is a convenient tool for government functionaries to create, manage, and track training programs. They can invite teachers for a program, check their attendance and involvement at the district, block, cluster, school and individual level. They can also examine the kind of content accessed by teachers and students at different levels. This is intended to help the government officials understand the current requirements and plan the training and support programs.

The core objective of the platform is to enable the teachers to make the overall teaching-learning process easy, enjoyable and experiential to enhance the outcomes for every child. We can make our children future ready by providing them 21st century relevant skills like problem solving and critical thinking through experiential learning.