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We are back with the second edition of Our Imprints. The last couple of months have been eventful, to say the least. Our interventions with teachers continue with the Online Experiential Teacher Training Programs, with over 2000+ teachers trained in Madhugiri. In parallel our team has also been conducting teacher training programs for Urdu medium schools in a unique collaborative effort that spans 3 educational districts.

In a major milestone for our organization, the android app of our Technology platform, Teachopia, was released and dedicated to the teachers by our honourable Education Minister B C Nagesh. Teachopia has been designed to help teachers turn their classrooms into experiential learning spaces.

Experiential learning is a method where the learners construct their own knowledge by doing, thinking, and reflecting. The National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005 and National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 stress on the importance of experiential learning as a key tool in improving the quality of education among school children.

In this edition of Our Imprints, let's explore the wonderful world of experiential learning and how, as educators, you can use the Teachopia platform to turn your classrooms into experiential learning spaces

Traditional Classroom vs Experiential Classroom

Traditional Classroom: Teacher tells what an elephant is.
Experiential Classroom: The children experience the elephant.
.... and construct their own concept of what an elephant is.

Do your students smell the fragrance of Math?

- Rajeev Annaluru

Imagine you are trying to learn music and you were asked to listen to 10 songs in 15 minutes and answer 5 questions about them in an exam that follows. How would you feel about music? Would you count it as a good recipe to learn music? Could you get someone to be interested in music this way?

Recall experiencing this anywhere else? At school maybe? Can you think of which subject? If you answered - Math, then read this article to understand why most people end up not liking Math.

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Teachopia is now live!
Caring with Colour’s experiential learning app Teachopia makes your classroom learning more fun and experiential. Teachopia app was launched on 9th October by the honourable Minister of Primary & Secondary Education and Sakala, Government of Karnataka, Shri B C Nagesh.
Explore the Teachopia app here 
Teacher’s Utopia: A step towards a perfect education world!
- Gandhali Sewak  

Teachopia is a platform that provides high quality experiential teaching content for educators along with a training management system that enables streamlined experiential teacher training programs. In this article we talk about the app and how it can empower teachers to support continuity in learning among their students. 
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     Our Initiatives in the Field
Caring with Colour continues its journey with innovative content and program designs to help support teachers. Learn more about our programmes below.
 Madhugiri Teacher Training Program
We completed an interactive online teacher training program in collaboration with the District Institute of Education & Training (DIET), Madhugiri for 2434 primary school teachers to enhance their subject-matter expertise and pedagogical skills in experiential teaching in English, Mathematics and Science.


 Training For Education Functionaries
We organized a technology orientation for the educational functionaries (CRPs, BRPs and ECOs) at Ramanagara block to provide them with hands-on training on the features of Zoom and Google Meet to enable them to conduct meetings and trainings with teachers in their respective clusters.
Teacher Training Program for Urdu Medium Schools
We welcomed the teachers from the Urdu Medium Schools to our uniquely designed experiential sessions for Math and Science conducted specially for them in Urdu.
  In this section, we address some common and not-so-common concepts and discuss interesting teaching ideas.
Math Fun with Everyday Items!
Enquiry and Exploration are key aspects in making learning of math fun.

Here is an interesting Math game that the learners can take up and explore.


Pick a month from the calendar. Place the 3x3 grid on any 3x3 date cells (avoiding empty cells)

When we add the lines marked in horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions, including the central numbers, we observe that the sum is the same.
3 + 10 + 17 = 30
9 + 10 + 11 = 30
2 + 10 + 18 = 30
4 + 10 + 16 = 30

Note: This rule holds true for any year and any month. Try, test and experiment with others and enjoy exploring the fun of Math!

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